Kevin Janssen

Compliance officer


Master in Tax Law, Maastricht University Dutch AML and Trust offices legislation, Dutch tax law, International tax law, KYC/CDD procedures, Corporate Integrity & Compliance Dutch, English Maastricht, The Netherlands
Kevin Janssen Compliance officer +31 85 890 0808 LinkedIN
Kevin Janssen - Junior Account Manager (Aangepast)

Kevin Janssen completed his Master’s degree in tax law at Maastricht University. He ran an internship with the Dutch Tax Authorities and participated in Maastricht University’s excellence program known as MaRBLe, which was held at the Queen Mary University in London.

At our Maastricht office, Kevin first worked as an account manager for three years and currently holds the position as Compliance Officer. In his function as Compliance Officer, he is responsible for safeguarding internal procedures and ensuring that clients comply with compliance legislation.