Fiduciary services

Maprima manages and facilitates companies for a large number of enterprises and investors from all over the world. We have offices in the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium, and are the trusted and expert partner for companies which want to benefit from the many favorable financial, tax and legal regulations these countries have to offer.

Our clients all have a personal account manager to whom they and their advisors may address all their questions. Your account manager makes sure that your company is fully serviced and complies with all legal, tax and administrative obligations and requirements. We also have various in-house specialists, so you are assured of our personal attention and expert assessment of your specific situation.

The continuity of your business and our services is guaranteed at all times as the team of account managers and specialists is supervised by four partners, who are personally involved in all client files.

If you are interested in our services, we have several informative brochures and memos available upon request.